Friday, August 29, 2008


I focused more on shooting lighting then my dumb thumbs.


Lefty a Day before the servere storm.

Last night it stormed so hard here, It was like war of the worlds, lighting jumping from cloud to cloud without making a sound, illuminating the sky. I shot some pictures but nothing came out decent, I might post some later. We got hit with 90+ mph winds. This morning I went into work and the power was out for 3 or more blocks, traffic lights were out, big trees down, signs bent. The storm was off the dopplar chart.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Challenge - Thumbs Up

Take one photo of your right thumb,
and another photo of your left thumb in a different setting.
Post both photos by August 16th.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

me myself and I

a little about me....
this is what I lug with me to work every day, on days off I only have sunglasses, wallet, phone and ipod.

This is all the contents I carry in my bag. From upper left to right, dry razor (in case I miss a spot), chap stick, Tylenol, hand sanitizer (I grease up before eating), meds (dam kidneys), dental gear (to keep my grill fresh and clean), multi-tool/knife (the juice, an odd name for a tool that doesn't juice), a flash light (for when I am digging around in spaghetti wires), highlighter (for the important stuff), head phone (h8 white ones), 80 gigs off music on my ipod, cell phone (s710a), wallet/money clip (warn in the front pocket), point and shoot camera (used more on vacation then in at home), compass, space pen, double edge sharpie, mechanical pencil, phone card, reeeeeccoooollla (I have this weird itch in my throat when I eat chocolate, it seems to control it), keys, sunglasses (a must in AZ), business cards that I never hand out, studio demo, sodium guide to restraunts (dam kidneys), and forever stamps, and jump drive (not seen, in use). Yeah, I have a lot of crap I carry around, but I try and prepare for most things.

Enjoy looking at my stuff all you lurkers. knowing is half the battle.