Friday, June 6, 2008

Worm's eye view

taken literally by this gardener...
Kale forest!

Crab's eye view at China Beach

Pidgeon's eye view from bench on the Embarcadero!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunset Beach, Cali - Challenge #3

Day 1 - 5.25.08

Day 2- 5.26.08

Day 3- 5.27.08

Day 4- 5.28.08

Day 5- 5.29.08

Day 6- 5.30.08

Day 7- 5.31.08

When I shot these stills I thought that I would at least have a couple of shots with no one in the frame, but there is a person in every shot. I also was not expecting to the shot of all the kites in the distance and the seagulls. I though all the shots would look similar. I also noticed that on days 5 and 7 there are people crossing in the same spot about the same time. The lighting, time of day, clouds, sand tracks, position, distance are the different in each photo. See if you can spot the oil rig.