Friday, August 29, 2008


I focused more on shooting lighting then my dumb thumbs.


Lefty a Day before the servere storm.

Last night it stormed so hard here, It was like war of the worlds, lighting jumping from cloud to cloud without making a sound, illuminating the sky. I shot some pictures but nothing came out decent, I might post some later. We got hit with 90+ mph winds. This morning I went into work and the power was out for 3 or more blocks, traffic lights were out, big trees down, signs bent. The storm was off the dopplar chart.

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aroo said...

Love the time lapse video! I'm such a slacker. I want to see more photos of your salsa, crazy thing is the day you sent the salsa shot I was just looking up the recipe to give it a try...I got scared of all the peppers! But i'll make it soon enough.