Sunday, July 20, 2008

With me everyday.

This is her, isn't she a beauty? My new work bag. My radical vintage leather bag was threatening to fall apart, so here's my latest find from the used clothing store across the street.Here's what I carry with me everyday: my notebook, calendar, and camera. A juicy pen: why is there always either more than one or none at all. My wrist brace. Too cool I know. My boyfriends i-pod headphones for listening to music at work. Something to read: this week it's Good Magazine. Something I've picked up along my travels: this week it's a brochure from the Frida Kahlo exhibit. Something to eat. And, I'm ashamed to say, trash, usually receipts. My mother's purse that is a bottomless pit still haunts me, but try as I might, I always have a little bit of something that I really should have left behind.

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